Friends in Seattle

Hey everyone! Rin, Uzuki and I are all back from Seattle (WA) and we had a blast of a time! Rin and Uzuki got to meet up with Mio and do some sightseeing in Seattle while I was attending the Sakura-con 2018 convention, meeting friends and doing cosplay photoshoots with Balance. I took a total of 1800 photos during this trip so look forward to a post covering the Sakura-con convention and hallway cosplay shots and after that posts of the joint cosplay photoshoots I did with Balance and his clients.

For those of you who know Idolm@ster you might be wondering why Rin and Uzuki met up with Mio? Aren’t they always together? Well, I don’t own a Mio Honda figma myself but icattails do, so we did a joint photoshoot with the complete trio while we met during the convention.

It feels great to finally have a few shots of the complete trio!

Rin, for some reason, looking away from one of the gorgeous walls of the MoPOP museum.

And Uzuki shows us how tall the Space Needle is.

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more coming soon!

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