What is Figure.moe

Figure.moe (read as Figure Dot Moh-ay, More on “Moe” here) is where I, Kolezan, foremost shows off my creative figure photography, the definitive place where you can see all my recent figure photos. I will also post cosplay photos, figure reviews, anime goods collection updates and also music videos/covers or other media I’ve created or helped create. I might write the occasional guide/how-to as well.

Who is Kolezan?

My childhood family quickly got into tech as soon as home computers, cameras and almost anything else tech became more accessible for consumers in the 80s. One of the brothers were also getting into computer and photography and my oldest brother being heavily into music, playing and writing songs himself (which I later recorded with him), me being young and impressionable made me quite interested in these things too, which ultimately made me quite a jack of all trades when it comes to anything media (recording and mixing/editing audio, video and photos). I was also learning a few different musical instruments around this time, but settled on drums as my main instrument.

I also got into PC gaming quite early on, and with most games back then including some editing or modding capabilities I also got into level design. These days I work as a game developer on Beat Saber as a level designer (beatmapper).

Dawn of my Anime interest

I had seen some Macross when I was young as my brothers were watching some of it but didn’t really know anything about anime, what is was or where it came from. When internet started getting more accessible my brother found new anime and shared his findings with me, first true series I watched being Chobits. That’s how I how I got into anime. After that I saw Love Hina and after that is when everything started to escalate.

I never got into manga because of two things: anime has more to offer overall; animated visuals, editing, music, sound, voice acting and so on, on top of the storytelling, of course.

Anime figures? Pff.

At first figures didn’t appeal to me, I wasn’t that into anime after all, but after some time I found outabout Figma action figures and had to buy and try one because they were cheaper and had articulation compared to the more expensive scale figures. Suzumiya Haruhi Summer version Figma shown here was my first, and I was sold on Figma. I found it so awesome I had to quickly get two more. My collection has slowly been growing ever since and while it mostly consisted of Figma I eventually ventured more and more into scale figures as well.

I am mostly collecting figures of characters which I like both their personality and look, but random good looking figures that I don’t know the character sometimes also fall into my taste as well.

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