What is Figure.moe?

Figure.moe, read as Figure Dot Moh-ay (More on “Moe” here), is my (Kolezan’s) blog where I foremost show off my creative figure photography, the definitive place where you can see all my recent figure photos. I will also post figure reviews and anime goods/music collection updates. I write the occasional guide/how-to as well. I will venture into Cosplay photography eventually.

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Who is Kolezan?

My figure history:
Haruhi riding an paper crane given to me by some Japanese students in Hiroshima, Japan.

The first figure that I bought.

At first figures didn’t appeal to me, but after some time I had to buy and try a figma because they are cheap and posable. Haruhi Summer version was my first. It was so awesome I had to get two more! Now my collection is slowly growing and while it mostly consists of figma I am venturing more and more into scale figures as well.

I am mostly collecting figures of characters which I like both their personality and look, but random good looking figures that I don’t know the character sometimes fall into my taste as well.

My anime history:

I had seen some Macross when I was young but didn’t really know anything about anime until I got introduced to Chobits by my brother. After that I saw Love Hina and after that is when everything started to escalate.

I don’t read manga because of two things: no time for it and anime has more to offer; animated visuals, editing, music, sound, voice acting and so on.

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