Welcome to 2018 and also year four of Figure.moe!

I’ve shifted these anniversary posts till the end of the year instead of October 10th, which is Figure.moe’s birthday, since it suits better to summarize a year gone by at the end of a year. I don’t have a video this year like I’ve done the previous years since I’ve been focusing my time on other stuff than my photography and the blog. But next year I’ll make a video for year three and four! (No promises.) Read on for a summary of the past year.

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Happy Moe day everyone and happy birthday, Figure.moe-chan!

Can you believe it’s already been two years since Figure.moe started? Time sure flies when you’re having fun and/or when you’re busy with life!

Last year I decided I’ll make it a tradition of putting together and uploading a short video summarizing the posts and photos from the past year on Figure.moe’s anniversary. Not only is it fun and nostalgic to create these videos, it is also a treat for you as you can now see all your favorite photos and animations I’ve made during the year in an insanely high resolution compared to the photos I normally post. There are also new scenes not released before in this video for those who want new content to look at!

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Happy birthday, Figure.moe! And also happy Moe-day!

One year has passed today (10th of October) since I launched my anime figure photography and goods blog Figure.moe. To celebrate the occasion I put together this short video showing photos from all the posts I’ve released during the year. As an added bonus, of sorts, I’ve made this video in 4k resolution, highest resolution that most of these photos have ever been released as.

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Recently the first Figure.moe video was created and uploaded (Kyubee Soul Gem Pen) to a new YouTube channel for Figure.moe. With that, a new Google+ page was also created for Figure.moe!

I would like to point out that the YouTube link in the bottom of the page early on was linking to my personal YouTube user. While you are welcome to subscribe to my user it is on the channel below you will find Figure.moe’s videos.

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Smartphone users will be happy to hear that I’ve tweaked the site’s theme a bit. I’ve removed the gray marginals on small screens to make content space larger. This means text will fill more horizontally and photos be bigger.

The RSS link at the bottom of the page is now fixed. Now it points to https://figure.moe/feed/ correctly. I’ve also added images to the RSS feed for new posts.

Some users have experienced being unable to comment a few times before. It’s fixed for all eternity now.

As always, I appreciate everything that you report as I do not have time to test everything after changes/updates. Thank you!