Happy birthday, Figure.moe!

Happy birthday, Figure.moe! And also happy Moe-day!

One year has passed today (10th of October) since I launched my anime figure photography and goods blog Figure.moe. To celebrate the occasion I put together this short video showing photos from all the posts I’ve released during the year. As an added bonus, of sorts, I’ve made this video in 4k resolution, highest resolution that most of these photos have ever been released as.

Check out the short video below!

What is your favorite post on Figure.moe from this past year?

4 Comments on “Happy birthday, Figure.moe!

  1. Happy first anniversary!

    I could have sworn you just started a couple months ago, amazing how fast time flies!

    Really nice video, looked super crispy on my 4K TV. Way better production values than when I did something similar a few years back. I really liked the Shinobu bits!

    I think I liked your Ranko “behind the scenes” post the best. I thought it was pretty cool idea.

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