Year three of

Welcome to 2018 and also year four of!

I’ve shifted these anniversary posts till the end of the year instead of October 10th, which is’s birthday, since it suits better to summarize a year gone by at the end of a year. I don’t have a video this year like I’ve done the previous years since I’ve been focusing my time on other stuff than my photography and the blog. But next year I’ll make a video for year three and four! (No promises.) Read on for a summary of the past year.

2017 wasn’t a very productive/creative year for me, I only made five posts total, but I’m very happy with the quality of the posts. I like to focus on quality rather than quantity which is why I don’t post photos so often.

AFS on Discord and walls

Just before winter I found a tweet on Twitter from Balance who had made a Discord server about figure photography, aptly named Anifigure Studios (AFS). Anyone can join, whether you’re a content creator or just a fan of figures or figure photography. If you have a Discord account (it’s free) and want to join then just send Balance a message on Twitter about joining. Interacting with fellow figure photographers this closely again gave me new energy for figure photography, especially since everyone on the server are such a nice bunch!

Speaking of nice bunch, soon after I joined the Discord server I participated in a “Secret Santa” event for figure photographers which was handled by Stereometric. Secret Santa is where a bunch of people sign up to send stuff, in this case prints of their photos, to one other participant. Who you get prints from you don’t know until the prints are in your mailbox, hence the secret in this event.

My recipient was Metanyani. You can see his bragging tweet of my prints to him here and here. While I was at it, printing my photos, I also made a few copies for myself. Since I work with digital photography it’s not often I get to have my work in a physical form. They turned out pretty well, so I pinned them to my wall. Also, I later got to know who my Secret Santa was, namely Nova Vista, who sent me these lovely prints. All in all this have made my wall look like this:

My bedroom wall as of January 2018

Meanwhile, Balance had gotten lots of Secret Santa prints from Metanyani, so he was basically building an “AFS wall”. Naturally, I wanted to contribute to this wall and sent Balance a bunch of new prints from my collection. This resulted in the following:

We won’t stop until we’ve covered every wall with our figure photography!

Stats of 2017

Some entertaining blog statistics:

  • Most viewed blog post during 2017 is Demi-Goddess Rory Mercury (though it is from 2016)
  • Most viewed blog post from 2017 is True Feelings
  • Most commented blog post from 2017 is Contemplation
  • No videos were posted during 2017, my bad
  • Most viewed video during 2017 was Kyubee Soul Gem Pen
  • Most visitors to the blog during 2017 live in the USA, with Canada in second and Japan in third place

2018 and forward

Looking forward, I already have new figures in my collection to take photos of, something I find fun to do but haven’t focused my time enough on to get around doing it.

I’ve also started another project which I’m quite excited about. I’ve always had “music” in the description for but have never posted anything related to music. This will change though as I’m planning on recording drum covers of songs featured in anime, their Soundtracks or maybe just some artist that have done music for anime. It will mostly be songs that are fun to both play and listen to, so the future will tell which songs I continue with after I’ve recorded the planned ones. If you have an idea for a song that you think will play well as a drum cover (doesn’t have to be real drums, as long as it’s playable) then don’t hesitate to let me know!

I also want to engage with the local cosplay community to get myself shooting cosplay this year. It has always been a dream for me to do so, because only finding the occasional cosplayer at a convention and snapping a picture or two isn’t very fulfilling of that dream. Let’s see how that goes.


Which is your favorite post from the past year? Something you’d like to see more of?

Thanks for following me here at! Lets hope for an even better year to come!

4 Comments on “Year three of

  1. Oh dear, my picture only occupies one spot on the wall. That simply will not do. I will have to make it an endeavor to remedy that as quickly as possible!

    I see that you’ve already got a small goal in mind in progressing forward. While it is certainly good to have said goals, remember that it is just as important to actually make active strides to achieve said goals. Make yourself a deadline and accomplish smaller goals while trying to reach that deadline.

    As far as local communities, that’s something that I, of course, will not be able to assist with considering the difference in our locations and culture. Nevertheless, I feel you’ll be able to ascertain what it is you need in order to get into those communities.

    I look forward to your progress! And as always, I’ll see you on the server~

    • I’m looking forward to how you’re going to remedy that, though I would rather not you send multiple copies of the same photo. ;P

      The goals I’ve made for myself, in this case, are goals I know I can achieve. Since I’m kinda lazy I’ve set goals for things I could probably do anyway, in a way. 😛 Drums I already play, the songs I already know, figure photos I already take and so on, so luckily it only comes down to actually finishing it. A deadline is definitely a good idea, but I don’t like to put pressure on creativity, especially since plans don’t always work out. But I usually have small goals on my way there, as you say.

      I’ve never really been involved with the local communities, it’s going to be a challenge for me, but if I put enough effort into it then it’ll probably go well.

      Thanks, I’ll try my best to deliver! See you on the server!

    • Thanks, Miette-chan! I see Reimu is celebrating too, great! 🙂

      One way to make it a concrete goal for me is to promise others I will do it, then I definitely make sure I do it. Just promising myself I’ll do something doesn’t always work for me.

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