At the Beach

The sun is shining, it’s hot and barely any wind; What to do? Go to the beach, of course!

I brought two figures new to my collection for a trip to the nearest beach and it felt good to be back to shooting figure photos again. First my favorite lens broke and secondly I’ve been busy moving till now, so it’s been about three months without doing any figure photos. Doesn’t mean I didn’t get any new figures though. I stumbled upon a figure of Nanao Yuriko by Phat Company one day on the internet and I just knew I had to get this one. She’s gorgeous, beautiful and cool, all at once. I’ve also recruited Kirino Kousaka to my collection. Let’s see what these two girls can do at the beach!

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Spring has come and gone. Things around us constantly change, sometimes when we’re not ready for it, so we tend to sit back and contemplate about what has happened and what is going to come. And if there’s someone who looks like she’s always thinking about stuff it’s my figure of Yukino Yukinoshita by Kotobukia.

But metaphors and wise words aside, the real reason I choose to have a photoshoot with Yukino in spring is because I realized I haven’t done a photoshoot with her until now, so it was about time. Maybe that’s why she’s been looking so displeased all this time.

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Idol Picnic

So what do idols do when springs turns to summer? These five idols decided to just hang out and have a picnic in the warming sun.

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True Feelings

Is everyone enjoying their Valentine’s day? I myself have been working overtime instead, not by choice though. But I have managed to unbox some new figures and take, er, one photo of them!

Rin Tohsaka is showing how it’s done properly! If you really want your loved one(s) to know your feelings then there’s 1) make sure you let them know (don’t keep it to yourself), 2) don’t lie about how much you love them (notice Rin made a lot of hearts) and 3) tell them sooner than later (they’re still in school but Rin waited till it was evening). I’m not sure if Emiya Shirou is overwhelmed or just surprised cause Rin slammed the basket onto the table.

In any case, I for one think Rin is really cute like this, she’s one of my favorite characters after all!

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Snow Miku Christmas Card and Snow Miku wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Snow Miku and her snowy companion sends us a greeting card from Gingerbread land where they seem really happy.

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Happy second birthday,!

Happy Moe day everyone and happy birthday,!

Can you believe it’s already been two years since started? Time sure flies when you’re having fun and/or when you’re busy with life!

Last year I decided I’ll make it a tradition of putting together and uploading a short video summarizing the posts and photos from the past year on’s anniversary. Not only is it fun and nostalgic to create these videos, it is also a treat for you as you can now see all your favorite photos and animations I’ve made during the year in an insanely high resolution compared to the photos I normally post. There are also new scenes not released before in this video for those who want new content to look at!

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Makoto Kikuchi in the forest

Happy birthday, Makoto! The 29th of August is Makoto Kikuchi‘s birthday, so for today it’s time for this idol to stand center on the stage.

Makoto is an idol within the fictional 765 Production company in the games and anime universe The Idolm@ster. As you can tell Makoto is a bit of a tomboy and is said to be more popular among girls than boys in the Idolm@ster universe. She’s one of my favorite characters from the anime and I consider her to be more a cool girl rather than a tomboy as she is still quite feminine. With such a dynamic and good looking figure being made of her she was rather irresistible to buy.

Makoto is appropriately dressed for a hot summer day so I took her on a stroll in the forest and we had a fun time together. It was totally not a date, I swear.

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Demi-Goddess Rory Mercury

From the other side of the portal in the anime series Gate comes Rory “The Reaper” Mercury, a demi-goddess, an apostle of Emroy, the god of war, violence and death. But despite the rather terrible sounding job description Rory is very friendly and adventurous, though not if you happen to be a bad guy.

I figured a rocky setting, with a red sky to match her dress, would suit this figure best as it’s one of the settings used in the series.

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Watching the Sunset Together

I was reminded (but don’t remember by what) of an old photoshoot I did with Kuroyukihime three years ago in the summer. I was driving home from work one day and found the sunset behind my house could be a perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. I quickly grabbed the camera and the best fitting figure I could think of and headed into the forest behind the house. It’s been fun to compare my new post-processing with the first release of the photos I did on back in 2013. Interesting to also find discarded photos for my first release that just needed more attention and skill to make them work. Enjoy!

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Snow Miku Post Stamps

We received a heavy package one day, though the contents of the package wasn’t meant for us, but the package had lot of post stamps plastered on it and one set was of particular interest to me; Snow Miku was on them!

These post stamps feature the different variations of Snow Miku from the years 2011 to 2013. Most of them are Nendoroid but also illustrations and renders are used. You can read more about them here.

Fittingly, I have non other than Snow Miku herself present them for you!

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