Idolfest @ Otafest 2023 (1 of 2)

While on vacation in Canada I attended Otafest in Calgary, as someone told me it was the best anime convention (possibly incorrect quote), and I can’t lie, it pretty much was the best convention I’ve been to. I had prior to the trip figured out how to record video in HLG (a type of HDR) with my newest camera so I decided to check out the Idolfest event outdoors, suffering through the immense heat and wildfire smoke filled air, to see what the performers had to offer and possibly record some video. I was not let down at all!

Kicking of the event was the group Framboise!!, who also had a big part in organizing Idolfest, performing to songs from the anime Zombie Land Saga.

By the way, all these videos have 5.1 channel surround sound (yes, on YouTube!). As the original audio from my camera didn’t have enough oomph I added in the original song in the videos as well, and by doing this it gave me the opportunity to put the audience and ambient sounds in the rear speakers which led to better immersion and clarity in the sound while watching. (To get 5.1ch sound on YouTube you will need to use a Native YouTube app on a Chromecast or Smart TV plugged into a surround speaker system. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to surround sound though, the stereo mix is plenty balanced as well!)

By now I think everyone knows this next one, as the opening song has been one of the most streamed one this summer, with it’s anime, Oshi no Ko, heavily talked about. Here we have keikoix giving us a fittingly dramatic performance to Yoasobi’s Idol:

This next one is a song is one that I heard in MMDs some time ago and thought it was quite catchy but I never learned of the artist until now, and seems I’m not the only one going on what people have to say in the comments of the original music video. Christine (unknown socials) here gives us a proper charming performance of the dance this song, and dare I say, doing it even better than the original music video? Take a look:

By the way, while capturing these performances I also got captured! See if you can spot me:

There are more performances from Idolfest 2023 coming, so stay tuned for those! I decided to release these ahead of the rest as I’ve been taking too long figuring out the best work flow and how to get the best quality out of these videos. One of videos, which take slightly longer to make, will be a medley of short clips of various performers!

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