Idolfest @ Otafest 2023 (2 of 2)

Post-convention withdrawal can be annoying, but good thing there’s always video to immortalize events and memories, so here’s the second batch of Idolfest videos from Otafest 2023! This one required more editing as I only had clips from parts of these performances since not only were I overheating in the blazing sun, so did my camera, so I had to take breaks in the recording to let it cool down. Good thing I like editing song medleys, so decided to make a compilation video of these clips.

You can find the dancers’ credits in the video descriptions! Though, I haven’t been able to confirm most of them, so if you do happen to know their socials I’d love to add them!

This next one is sort of a bonus video, it deserved to have it’s own video as the energy from the crowd was crazy:

If you missed the previous Idolfest post go check it out here, alternatively I’ve conveniently made a playlist on YouTube for these videos.

As with the previous videos, these videos also have 5.1 channel surround sound (yes, on YouTube)! As the original audio from my camera didn’t have enough oomph I added in the original song in the videos as well, and by doing this it gave me the opportunity to put the audience and ambient sounds in the rear speakers which led to better immersion and clarity in the sound while watching. (To get 5.1ch sound on YouTube you will need to use a Native YouTube app on a Chromecast or Smart TV plugged into a surround speaker system. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to surround sound though, the stereo mix is plenty balanced as well!)

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