Final Fantasy XV

The last of the cosplay shoots I did together with Balance during Sakura-con 2018 is here. These characters are from an action role-playing game called Final Fantasy XV. And that’s about as much as I know about the game. I know it’s a pretty popular game series, I’ve just never been attracted to J-RPGs in the first place. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy working with these cosplayers. It was a challenging shoot but the shots turned out well and the cosplayers were quite talented!

Thanks to Balance for inviting me to help him out during his cosplay photoshoots during Sakura-con 2018 in Seattle. My role was to be an assistant to Balance and a second camera man. All the photos on this page have post-processing and effects done by me, Kolezan. You will find in the watermark of some of the photos “Photo by Balance” and this indicates that Balance took that photo. If it only says then I took that photo. You will find Balance’s own take on these photos over at his photography blog.


Cosplay credits

Noctis by nocticrow
Ignis by _meecke_
Prompto by tsukivama
Iris by rinicorncos
Gentiana by dudeapenny

Balance’s photos:

Thanks for looking!

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