Not just Monika (DDLC)

It’s time for one more of the Sakura-con group cosplay photoshoots with Balance, this time it’s with the girls from the popular (and free) visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club! The best way to describe the game is to tell people to play it for themselves, but if you really need to give an explanation but without giving off too much one could say it’s a very cute dating game… with a twist.

Thanks to Balance for inviting me to help him out during his cosplay photoshoots during Sakura-con 2018 in Seattle. My role was to be an assistant to Balance and a second camera man. All the photos on this page have post-processing and effects done by me, Kolezan. You will find in the watermark of some of the photos “Photo by Balance” and this indicates that Balance took that photo. If it only says then I took that photo. You will find Balance’s own take on these photos over at his photography blog.

Cosplay credits

Monika (White ribbon) by Mari: Facebook / Instagram
Natsuki (Pink hair) by Jen
Yuri (Purple hair) by Kari
Sayori (Red ribbon) by [TBA]

Balance’s photos:

Thanks for looking!

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