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Friends in Seattle

Hey everyone! Rin, Uzuki and I are all back from Seattle (WA) and we had a blast of a time! Rin and Uzuki got to meet up with Mio and do some sightseeing in Seattle while I was attending the

Luka in the Void

Time for a yet another idol figure! I’m actually not much of an idol fan, but there is something about the designs of idols in anime/manga, or in this case, voice generating software that still makes their figures rather attractive.

Metal, Fire and Fate

I decided to join in on the official Figma contest by Good Smile Company¬†for the 10th anniversary of the figma brand. I’ve uploaded previous creations to Instagram but unsure about the rules I decided to take new photos too. So

Comic: Lesson Learned

346 Production were nice enough to invite me to one of their practice sessions for two of my favorite idols, Shibuya Rin and Shimamura Uzuki. I thought it’d be just like any other daily practice session of theirs, but I

Merry Christmas 2017

It’s this time of the year again; Merry Christmas everyone! Here we see Ranko living up to the Christmas spirit by offering this fawn some food in middle of the winter.

At the Beach

The sun is shining, it’s hot and barely any wind; What to do? Go to the beach, of course! I brought two figures new to my collection for a trip to the nearest beach and it felt good to be


Spring has come and gone. Things around us constantly change, sometimes when we’re not ready for it, so we tend to sit back and contemplate about what has happened and what is going to come. And if there’s someone who

Idol Picnic

So what do idols do when springs turns to summer? These five idols decided to just hang out and have a picnic in the warming sun.

True Feelings

Is everyone enjoying their Valentine’s day? I myself have been working overtime instead, not by choice though. But I have managed to unbox some new figures and take, er, one photo of them! Rin Tohsaka is showing how it’s done

Snow Miku Christmas Card and Snow Miku wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Snow Miku and her snowy companion sends us a greeting card from Gingerbread land where they seem really happy.