Metal, Fire and Fate

Metal, Fire and Fate

I decided to join in on the official Figma contest by Good Smile Company¬†for the 10th anniversary of the figma brand. I’ve uploaded previous creations to Instagram but unsure about the rules I decided to take new photos too. So here I present to you Emiya Shirou inside his Reality Marble and we get to follow him for a brief moment as he makes ready to fight a more powerful opponent.

Please excuse the very repetitive pose in all photos; it was a very clear winter day just before sunset, but also really cold so I was freezing my fingers off by just throwing the snow in the last photos I shot. For the contest I only needed one photo that was good, so I focused on getting that one shot but as always I can’t decide for just one, so I give you the other two as a bonus.

Which version is your favorite? And do you think Shirou will win the fight?

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2 Comments on “Metal, Fire and Fate

  1. I tend to lean towards the first or second one but I can’t decide which is ultimately the best… Maybe the first one is the best since the second one leaves him a bit too underexposed? All of them look good though.

    • Indeed, I didn’t work as much with the post-processing on the second one, so it could have been improved a bit. I was mostly focusing on the first one as I was hoping it would have been featured in the Figma contest, but the Shibuya Rin shot was chosen instead.


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