It’s been an absolute blast and honor, and also a lot of sweat and tears (luckily no blood!), to have worked on this fanmade VA-11 Hall-A voiceover project, especially considering the very talented cast we ended up with!

But, what is VA-11 Hall-A you ask? VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, or more easily pronounced, Valhalla, is a visual novel (game) centered around a bar in a dystopian cyberpunk alternate future, where we get to meet and talk to people trying their best to survive a harsh landscape of corporate greed and big economic inflation. Gameplay consists of reading. A lot. And then mixing drinks to the orders of the customers that you get to interact with. While the only choices you have as a player is what you serve and what items you buy for the main character, it may sound lacking, but it’s the story, characters and how it’s written that is the biggest attraction for this visual novel. Though, playing it, while the music is outstanding, you really do wish the characters could be heard speaking too. And that’s what we wanted to fix!

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