Kobato in the Wild (And happy birthday!)

Kobato in the Wild (And happy birthday!)

Because it was her birthday (yesterday) I took Kobato on a date in the forest. (Yes, fourth birthday post in a row…) Because it is autumn the colors are quite nice this time of the year.

Under the Tree

Wood Sorrel (Close-up)

Wood Sorrel (Wallpaper)

Wood Sorrel (HDR Wallpaper)

HDR variant

On the Moss

Playful Leaf

Happt birthday, Kobato!

And naturally, happy (belated) birthday, Kobato!

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4 comments on “Kobato in the Wild (And happy birthday!)
  1. Miette-chan says:

    Thinking about it you could probably have a year long blog of only birthday posts!

    The photo third from the bottom is my favorite of the bunch, pretty neat all around. I do wish I had a Kobato figure to celebrate her birthday with, I wonder how much that Koto one goes for now.

    • Kolezan says:

      That would make things easier! One diorama for all birthday figures! Production rate would go up so much. xD

      Thanks! This Kobato is a great one since she can hold stuff in her hands pretty easily since her arms are flexible.

  2. These are really nice! Hard to say which is the best. Perhaps second from the bottom. Like the light there and the trees in the background!

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