Land of the Lustrous

Time for something a bit different, a first for, a proper cosplay photoshoot!

Mary Bear and her group managed to create a very nice rendition of the characters from the manga and CG animated anime series Land of the Lustrous and I got to be part of the photoshoot they had with Balance of Reprise Photography.

As research prior to the photoshoot I watched this Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni) and had not heard much about it before watching it, so I did not know what to expect. While it did have a cliche moments the premise and characters were somewhat fresh and interesting. So what made it different from other anime? The characters in this series are made out of different gems which were blended with living organisms called Inclusions. Thanks to these organisms the characters have the ability to repair, or heal if you will, their bodies even if they shatter into hundreds of pieces. Phosphophyllite, which the main cahracter is made out of, is a rather brittle mineral, so in one of the photos you will see Lapis Lazuli helping Phosphophyllite out by reattaching her head. This may look grotesque to us, but it’s completely normal for these characters! This ability basically makes them immortal. (If you want to know more go to this Wikia page.) All in all it made for an interesting series, so I was excited to be doing a photoshoot with these characters.

Thanks to Balance for inviting me to help him out during his cosplay photoshoot during Sakura-con 2018 in Seattle. My role was to be an assistant to Balance and a second camera man. All the photos on this page have post-processing and effects done by me, Kolezan. You will find in the watermark of some of the photos “Photo by Balance” and this indicates that Balance took that photo. If it only says then I took that photo. You will find Balance’s own take on these photos over at his photography blog.

Cosplay credits

Cairngorm (White hair) by nocticrow
Diamond (White/Turquoise hair) by rinicorncos
Red Beryl (Red hair) by youneedamint
Lapis Lazuli (Blue hair, manga character only) by uxieu
Phosphophyllite (Green hair) by nymphity

Balance together with the group, showing them the last group photo.

Make sure to go to Balance’s post on Reprise Photography to see his own take on these photos!

Thanks for looking!

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