Shinobu On Top

Opened up a new figure today and had some fun buying and eating- I mean, using donuts and Cheerios for a photoshoot of Oshino Shinobu from the never ending series of Bakemonogatari.
I give you these few photos of her for now cause I’ll be writing a short review about her as well. Check out the review of this re-release of Shinobu within a week!

Alternative desktop wallpaper version
Alternative desktop wallpaper version

8 Comments on “Shinobu On Top

  1. And here I was, happy that I hadn’t had a donut in quite a while. Same with Cheerios for that matter. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Shinobu. I might be missing out.

    • Let’s just say I’m glad I bought all three. The re-release of Shinobu was a great idea by GSC. Because of Shinobu I’m going to to collect all the Bakemonogatari GSC figures, just cause they’re of such high quality and look great.

  2. I bought a bunch of the GSC Bakemonogatari figures initially and ended up selling a bunch of them unopened because they weren’t for me anymore, their school uniform for example is kind of ugly, and that has nothing to do with GSC but the series itself. Never the less, I kept Nadeko because she’s no in her school uniform, and Senjougahara because of all those stationary supplies falling out of her skirt. Sold Kanbaru and Hanekawa. Can’t do catgirls without tails, and Kanbaru is a great character but eh otherwise, and I’d only bought her with the intention of being a completionist, which never happened anyway.

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