Danbo forest (Happy Birthday, kixkillradio!)

“Happy Birthday, kixkillradio!” says Danbo! Here are some photos of Danbo with the Lucky Star cat on his head in a flower landscape, all dedicated to kixkillradio!



Figure-moe-Danbo-forest-9I love options and variations, so here are some more color options if you want other than pink for your desktop background or whatever:

Figure-moe-Danbo-forest-2 Figure-moe-Danbo-forest-3 Figure-moe-Danbo-forest-7
Figure-moe-Danbo-forest-5 Figure-moe-Danbo-forest-4 Figure-moe-Danbo-forest-8

Which color variation is your favorite?

Thanks for looking! I hope kixkillradio has a great day today. 🙂

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