Fate Stay Night UBW S2 + Zero S2 Blu-ray Boxes

To complete the chapter started with the post showing off the first season of each of Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night [UBW] here’s Fate/Zero Blu-Ray box #2 and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Blu-Ray box #2 in pictures!

As before, these boxes have really good quality to them just like the animation, sound and music itself. It feels great to finally complete the collection of both series.

Unopened boxes with protective plastics and informative wrappings

Fate/Zero BD Box 2

Fate Zero Blu-Ray box 2 includes:

  • 5 Blu-Ray discs
  • 1 Audio Drama CD
  • 1 Soundtrack CD
  • Animation Material booklet

I wish I could read the books, but they’re all in a level of Japanese which is a bit beyond my ability at the moment. At least pictures can be understood, heh.

Fate/Stay Night BD 2

Fate/Stay Night Blu-Ray box 2 includes:

  • 5 Blu-Ray Discs
  • 1 Audio Drama CD
  • 1 Soundtrack CD
  • 1 Animation Material book
  • 1 Animation Elements book

(More on credits and what’s included over at MFC.)
The shiny red covers of these books are just gorgeous.
A lovely illustration of Rin Tohsaka behind the flip out page of one of the books.

The Animation Elements book has a very cool hexagon pattern cover. It really stands out from the rest of the contents, but in a good way.

I think the covers for the blu-ray discs for this second season box are the coolest. It shows that Shirou has finally fully developed his magical circuits.

Fate/Stay Night [UBW] Pre-order Bonus

When I places my order for the second Blu-ray box for Fate/Stay Night [UBW] I thought I’d be getting a A3 tapestry as that’s what most sites stated, but instead I got a pillow cover… which actually look pretty nice! I’m quite happy with it.

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