Mayoi on the Road (Updated)

It’s easy to say that I’m a fan of Good Smile Company’s figures. I simply like the excellent quality they have. So when I found another second hand Bakemonogatari figure, unopened, I couldn’t resist ordering it. (This hobby is about resisting buying, isn’t it, after all.)

I present to you, Hachikuji Mayoi:

Road Signs
Zebra Corssing
Wrong Way
Monster Backpack

Thanks for looking! Hopefully I’ll put out a (short) review of her soon.

UPDATE 2/3 -15:

Someone asked to see how I set the scene up, so here are two behind the scene shots.

I printed some Japanese road signs and glued them to some silver painted plastic rods. As a base I used a soft black padding material and stuck the rods into them. I reused some bushes from another diorama for plastic models.

On the black table, used as pavement/asphalt, I taped white electrical insulation tape as painted lines in a pedestrian crossing. The sunset background was done by lighting a yellow LED-light from below onto a movie screen.

The white tape isn’t present in the photos as I took these behind the scenes long after I had removed the scene. I also turned on the ceiling light to more easily show the setup.

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