Otakon 2014, day 3

And here’s the third day of the Otakon convention! Quite the anti-climax of this three day/posts photo dump with only 15 photos, but the third day was a slow and short day compared to the previous days.
Pretty much only photos of cosplay from this day, but there were still some good cosplay to be found. There’s also more non-anime cosplay this time.

And with these last photos posted from Otakon I’m starting to look forward to my next anime convention in September, Kumoricon 2015! Nothing definite yet, but I’m planning on attending, so if I’m there I promise to take lots of photos once again!

[Update 21/7: After careful consideration I’ve decided to not visit the US this year. Reasons are shared between my host being unable to house me and my lack of energy for such a long journey but short stay. I’m definitely going back to US one day, but unknown when.]

I’d like to give credit to the cosplayers I took photos of, so if it is you in the photos please send me a message and I’ll add credits to the photo and a link to your site/cosplay. Or if you happen to know who the cosplayer is then please do tell me as well. Thanks!
Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-1 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-2 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-3 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-4 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-5 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-6 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-7 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-8 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-9 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-10 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-11 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-12 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-13 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-14 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-three-15

Thanks for looking through my photos! I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Make sure you don’t miss Day 1 and Day 2 for lots of more photos of everything you can find at an anime convention.

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