Otakon 2014, Day 2

Otakon 2014, Day 2

What anime convention would be complete with only one day of social fun? Here’s day two of three!

Lots of cosplay and much less of everything else this day. And as with day one, NSFW on the last page, though there’s not as much of it this second day.

I’d like to give credit to the cosplayers I took photos of, so if it is you in the photos please send me a message and I’ll add credits to the photo and a link to your site/cosplay. Or if you happen to know who the cosplayer is then please do tell me as well. Thanks!

Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-1 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-2 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-3 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-4 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-5 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-6 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-7 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-8 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-10 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-11 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-12Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-13 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-two-14

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