Otakon 2014, day 1

Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-36 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-35 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-34 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-33 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-32 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-31 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-30 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-29 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-28 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-26 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-27 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-25 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-24 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-23 Figure-moe-Otakon-2014-day-one-22

4 comments on “Otakon 2014, day 1
  1. *Hyun-ae says:

    Looks good, Daniel!

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  1. […] sure you don’t miss Day 1 and Day 2 for lots of more photos of everything you can find at an anime […]

  2. […] but it was worth it as I had a blast during my visit. Compared to the previous convention I was at (Otakon 2014) I was mostly busy doing planned cosplay photoshoots all Friday and Saturday with Balance so not so […]

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