Need a ballpoint pen to sign contracts with? Here’s a pen with the infamous Kyubee from the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica sitting on top of a Soul Gem ready to make you sign that inviting contract at any time.

This pen is certainly nothing new; It was released back in spring 2012. It was a gift to my brother from a Japanese contact who sent other stuff as well to him.
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Hope you people had a great Halloween! I can’t say I think Mikuru did though. She’s so easily scared, though I admit hopping and grinning skulls can be a bit terrifying. Others, like Homura and Asuna, knows how to deal with them. We also get to see Shinobu in her right environment (still eating sweets), being a vampire and all, I suppose?
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Smartphone users will be happy to hear that I’ve tweaked the site’s theme a bit. I’ve removed the gray marginals on small screens to make content space larger. This means text will fill more horizontally and photos be bigger.

The RSS link at the bottom of the page is now fixed. Now it points to correctly. I’ve also added images to the RSS feed for new posts.

Some users have experienced being unable to comment a few times before. It’s fixed for all eternity now.

As always, I appreciate everything that you report as I do not have time to test everything after changes/updates. Thank you!

When the first release of Oshino Shinobu by Good Smile Company came by I don’t think I even blinked. But when this re-release  of Oshino Shinobu from the Bakemonogatari (and several other -monogatari) series came along I made some serious thoughts about it and decided to go for it. It makes one wonder why I didn’t buy it earlier! I may only have seen two of the series one time each so far (planning on seeing them all one day) and barely remember Shinobu I’m willing to bet anyone can enjoy this figure greatly even if they don’t know Shinobu at all only cause it is of such good quality.

Will I, or rather, Shinobu be able to convince you?

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Opened up a new figure today and had some fun buying and eating- I mean, using donuts and Cheerios for a photoshoot of Oshino Shinobu from the never ending series of Bakemonogatari.
I give you these few photos of her for now cause I’ll be writing a short review about her as well. Check out the review of this re-release of Shinobu within a week!

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From the anime movie series The Garden of Sinners comes this character Shiki, or SHIKI, depending on which state she is in. She usually wears kimono and wields swords when she can.

The version I got is the re-release by Good Smile Company. I had seen the first release in many photos and thought it was really nice looking but was too late at buying it. I one day found the re-release for 60% of the original price and decided to go for it while ordering another bunch of other figures. As a character from a series I like and love the music from it’s certainly not with any regret that I got her.

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What’s the best thing for a figure photographer? To have his or her photos featured online? Not bad, but I’d say to have his or her photos featured in a book or on posters is probably better! Seeing your creations in a physical form is a nice change from the flat screens that we usually see figure photos on.

So that’s what Sakura Doujin wanted to do and made real for me and a few other fellow figure photographers. They called the project Snap Fig and was a project funded by backers who wanted the book and maybe the extra posters and prints. They asked figure photographers to send in a few different photoshoots or scenes, a collection of photos taken with the same figure and the same stage/location, and with it send in some EXIF information from the photos to be shown next to the photos. The also asked for behind-the-scenes photos of the photoshoot.

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