Hey everyone! Rin, Uzuki and I are all back from Seattle (WA) and we had a blast of a time! Rin and Uzuki got to meet up with Mio and do some sightseeing in Seattle while I was attending the Sakura-con 2018 convention, meeting friends and doing cosplay photoshoots with Balance. I took a total of 1800 photos during this trip so look forward to a post covering the Sakura-con convention and hallway cosplay shots and after that posts of the joint cosplay photoshoots I did with Balance and his clients.

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The sun is shining, it’s hot and barely any wind; What to do? Go to the beach, of course!

I brought two figures new to my collection for a trip to the nearest beach and it felt good to be back to shooting figure photos again. First my favorite lens broke and secondly I’ve been busy moving till now, so it’s been about three months without doing any figure photos. Doesn’t mean I didn’t get any new figures though. I stumbled upon a figure of Nanao Yuriko by Phat Company one day on the internet and I just knew I had to get this one. She’s gorgeous, beautiful and cool, all at once. I’ve also recruited Kirino Kousaka to my collection. Let’s see what these two girls can do at the beach!

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Happy birthday, Makoto! The 29th of August is Makoto Kikuchi‘s birthday, so for today it’s time for this idol to stand center on the stage.

Makoto is an idol within the fictional 765 Production company in the games and anime universe The Idolm@ster. As you can tell Makoto is a bit of a tomboy and is said to be more popular among girls than boys in the Idolm@ster universe. She’s one of my favorite characters from the anime and I consider her to be more a cool girl rather than a tomboy as she is still quite feminine. With such a dynamic and good looking figure being made of her she was rather irresistible to buy.

Makoto is appropriately dressed for a hot summer day so I took her on a stroll in the forest and we had a fun time together. It was totally not a date, I swear.

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Here’s continuing with photos from my trip in Japan 2015, this time showing you Akihabara!

I actually didn’t go around Akihabara alone. I met up with Shurikn Ibuki, a fellow blogger who lives in Tokyo. I’ve been following him online for quite some time, so it seemed natural to ask him to meet up at Akihabara and guide me around the constantly changing Akihabara for an evening.

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On the stage tonight we have two idols from the 765 Production Studio! 

I’ve been preparing these photos and holding on to them for far too long now. It’s not as a daunting live stage scene as I did with my brother back in the summer of 2013 but I did go to the lengths of buying and crafting props for these two new Idolm@ster figma, Hibiki and Chihaya.View post »